Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jenny Holzer Pt.2

Truisms (1984)

Much was decided before you were born

Murder has its sexual side

Noise can be hostile

Occasionally principles are more valuable than people

Offer very little information about yourself

Old friends are better in the past

Pain can be a very positive thing

People are boring unless they're extremists

People are nuts if they think they're important

People are responsible for what they do unless they're insane

People who don't work with their hands are parasites

People who go crazy are too sensitive

People won't behave if they have nothing to lose

Planning for the future is escapism

Playing it safe can cause a lot of damage in the long run

Politics is used for personal gain

Potential counts for nothing until it's realized

Private property created crime

Raise boys and girls the same way

Random mating is good for debunking sex myths

Rechanneling destructive impulses is a sign of maturity

Recluses get weak even if strong originally

Redistributing wealth is imperative

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